About Us

The company was started by Jack Wong, an aeronautical engineer who was fanatical about sailing and sails. Sadly, Jack passed away in 2007 at the age of 76 and Dean took the helm of Potomac Sailmakers.  Dean had worked for Jack for 7 years prior to this.

Dean’s passion for the marine industry dates back to high school, when he washed boats for a marine retailer in Alexandria.  That was 1978.  It was working in the local marine industry that Dean got to know Jack Wong and Potomac Sailmakers.  The company was always known as a reliable source for canvas and sail work, every since it was founded  by Jack in 1972.

In August 2021, Nick took the helm and will focus upon managing the business, new sail design as well as sewing as time permits. Nick has been sailing since he was lad, has taught sailing, and raced 470’s. He even has a bit of ice boat sailing on his resume (brrr). He currently spends weekends (and some summer weeks) with his children sailing the Chesapeake.

The good news is that Dean will stay on and transition to focus upon what he likes and does best – production: design, new fabrication,  inspections, repairs and sewing.

We are also looking for individuals to come on board with experience in sewing, sail and canvas repair. This is on our Careers page. 

If you cannot find the answer on this website, use our contact us page to send us a note, give us a call  (703) 750-2171 ‎ or stop by.

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