Dodgers, Biminis, Enclosures

These shade-making and weather protection designs are made for boats under way.  Canvas pieces are stretched and shaped to existing frames and bows.  A tight tolerance is key when making Biminis, Dodgers and Enclosures.  Dodgers, Side Curtains and Enclosures are fitted and measured on the boat. Biminis can sometimes be measured and fit at the shop.  Just bring the frame into the shop.

For new Biminis and Dodgers we will create frames.  Repairing frames can be tricky and sometimes we recommend replacing units that show fatigue or excessive wear.

Sun-shade mesh curtains which block the heat, but not the view, are very popular. On sailboats these often are attached via zippers to the Bimini top and tied or clipped to the lifelines. These can also be designed as zippered inserts for boats with full enclosures.


Many boats these days, especially power boats, have partial or full enclosures. These often have “side-curtains” which can be zippered bug screens, clear vinyl windows, sun screen mesh or all three. On sailboats, we often make connector pieces that connect the Dodger to the Bimini via zippers.

For Dodgers, Side-Curtains and Enclosures, any clear vinyl windows will often need replacement as many years of use. This is a common project for us. Some customers refer these windows as isinglass (or eisenglass) which is a generic term. There are several brands on the market like Strataglass, Flexa, O’Sea, Regalite, etc. and all come in various gauges or thickness. Gauge, UV protection, rigidity, are all factors we consider when selecting the correct clear vinyl for your project.