Some of the most common questions we get asked are lined up right here just waiting for you to read.  Please take a look and give us a ring.  We are eager to work with you!

How can I get a quote or price?

Every project seems to be a little bit different.  It can speed things along if you submit  a description of your project through the form on our contact page.

Is there any sewing  job you don’t do?

If it involves sail or power boat canvas or sailboat sails, generally speaking, we will work with it.  We also do custom sewing of many kinds of non-boat canvas products. This year past year we repair chair cushions, truck tonneau covers, tents, and outdoor shades.

Do you work on site?

Measurements and fitting are done on-site when necessary.   Canvas in particular can require a lot of examination and measurement.

What are your hours?

The loft is open 9:30 until 5pm Monday through Friday and by appointment.  It is always good to call and make an appointment beforehand as we are often working off site on a project.

Is there a line of work that you do more than another?

We specialize in new sails and canvas, sail and canvas repair and customer designed projects like porch surrounds.   Our team prides itself on attention to detail and a willingness to help customers get the result they envision.  Many of our customers continue to work with us over the years, especially when they get a new boat.

How can I get to your shop?

We are located 5645 K General Washington Drive, Alexandria Virginia .  The loft is in the Shirley Edsall Industrial Park off the Edsall Road exit of 395 in Fairfax County. Our building is on the left as you are driving down General Washington Dr. and is the second building behind the one facing the road on the road. Here is a google map link.

Do you work with high tech fabrics like Mylar and other Laminates?

Yes, we repair and wash high tech fabrics like mylar and laminates.  

Do you work with windsurfing sails?

We certainly do.  We repair tears and broken panels for windsurfers all the time.

I have some older sails and I don’t even know if they make the fabric or fittings anymore.  Can you help?

Sometimes it is possible to breath new life into old sails.  Sometimes it is no longer prudent.   We will give you our honest opinion.

Can you replace clear vinyl windows (often called isinglass or eisenglass) on a dodger or enclosures?

Certainly, this is a very common project.

Do you wash sails and marine canvas?

Yes indeed. Please visit our Sail & Canvas Washing page.

Can I buy parts like zippers, slides, sail clips, sail tape, etc. at your shop?

Certainly, but call or use our contact form to to tell us exactly what you need. If we do not have it we can usually get it in a few days.