Sail Gallery – Boats now sporting our sails

Here is a gallery of some of the boats that are now sporting our sails. These completed new sail projects were built by Neil Pryde to our exacting specifications. We are to state that without exception, our customers have been extremely satisfied with the quality and value.

Keep in mind that ordering from “Internet Only” outfits is a risky pursuit. No two boats are the same. And unlike Potomac Sailmakers, these outfits do not consider your sailing profile. In the end you could end up owning a poorly fitting sail or one that have a much shorter useful life.

The quality of the Neil Pryde sails is simply outstanding and at Potomac Sailmakers, we take care in providing a sail that fits not only the boat, but your sailing profile.

Learn more on our New Sails Page.

Here is a list of just some of the completed new sail projects we have done recently.

Beneteau 1st 47.1Dehker 29I-20Rhodes 22
Beneteau 331Ericson 34Irwin 44Seabreeze 35
Beneteau 411Hinkley-Pilot 35MacGregor-19Snapdragon
Beneteau OC 323Hobie 16Oday-34Starwinds 223
Beneteau OC 473Hunter 29.5Oday-35West Wight Potter 19
C&C 34Hunter Xcite ClubPearson: Pearson 10 & 35Windrider 16
Cape Dory 33Hunter 310S2 9A
Catalina 27Hunter 260
Catalina 350'Hunter 456
Catalina 400Hunter 36-2
Contest 32CS

Some Pictures. Click on image to enlarge…