Marine Interior, Exterior Cockpit and Patio Furniture Cushions

Interior Cushion Covers

Need new cushion covers? We can help! We offer an array of fabrics. You can browse Sunbrella here,Charlotte Fabrics here, Morbern Fabrics here or let us know another company’s fabric you would prefer.


If your cushion foam is old and collapsed, or you want a higher density foam, we can cut new foam to your existing foam’s pattern.

Cockpit / Power Boat Seats/ Outdoor Cushions

Foam Types

There are several alternatives here.  Open cell, or “reticulated” or “dry fast” foam  and  closed cell foam are both water proof. The former is more pleasant on your bottom while the later is harder and floats.

Cover Material

For power boat seats, you can use classic Vinyl Upholstery, Phifertex, Sunsure (below), or others.

For cockpit cushions using open cell foam, covers are generally made from a tight weave UV resistant material that limits the sun’s damaging UV rays, while keeping water and moisture from getting trapped. Phifertex is a great choice and you can browse their products here. Also a great choice is Sunshure which you can browse here.  For closed cell foams, you can use the above, although some customers like Sunbrella fabric. While Sunbrella is softer, Phifertex and Sunsure do not absorb dirt as easily and do not mildew.