Twinwall Polycarbonate Bolt-On Flexible Solar Panel Kit


Potomac Sailmakers bolt-on flexible solar panel mounting kit.

Bolt-On Kit Options

Mounting Tape - High Temperature Double Sided

Screen Kit for Vented Edges

Large Panel Bolt-on Canvas Mounting Kit -6 Bolt (fulfilled by CMP)

Batten Sets (optional)

Set of three 2ft battens

Set of two x 2ft battens

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Our twinwall polycarbonate bolt-on flexible solar panel mounting kit combines the DIY benefits of a bolt-on canvas mount systems with that of using a twinwall polycarbonate substrate!

Some customers have been using a bolt on system to mount the flexible panels on canvas from Custom Marine Products ‘CMP’. They also make and sell high quality Solar Panels. For customers not wanting a sew-on solution, CMP’s kit is a secure option especially to DIYers. What is missing in their kit is the twinwall polycarbonate and anti-chafe strips and that is where we come in! We provide the Twinwall panel custom cut to for their panels and add anti-chafe strips and an optional screen kit. The installation looks like this

Bolt-On- Flexible Solar Panel Canvas Mounting

Twinwall provides the following features

  • Is lightweight
  • Supports Flexible Solar Panels Across Bows
  • Provides cooling which increases efficiency and panel life longevity
  • Secure in heavy wind and sea conditions
  • Provide Chafe Protection

Local customers can also drop-off and pickup items and save on shipping.

Twinwall screen kit

Twinwall screen kit (other colors avail)

4 Bolt Mounting Kit

4 Bolt Mounting Kit - Small Panels

6 bolt-on-kit

6 bolt kit for large Solar Panels

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 24 × 4 in