Sail Washing & Boat Canvas Washing

>We had great Wash season over the Winter! Now it is time to Sail and Boat!<

Sail Washing Service and Canvas Washing Washing Service 2023/2024

Our Sail Washing Service and Canvas Washing Washing Service include:

  • Wash only
  • Inspect and wash
  • Inspect only
  • Vacuwash service for Laminates & Very Dirty Items
  • Canvas Waterproofing  using 303 Fabric Guard
  • SailkotePlus (Anti-Mildew Coating for Sails, Canvas and More)

And unlike other shops, we perform Free Inspection on Sails and Canvas.

Typically we inspect and if necessary, repair all sails & canvas before washing so you get a nice clean sail or canvas ready for the new season! Dacron, Laminates, Marine Canvas & Tent materials are all no problem.

Do you have a molded Dacron or Laminate Sail?. No Problem. Our Vacuwash Service for extra dirty Dacron and Laminate sails will solve this. How about moldy or extra dirty boat canvas? Again, no problem, our Vacuwash Service can handle it.

We also offer SailkotePlus, the world’s leading anti-mildew coating for Sails, Canvas and More! You can read about it here

Sail washing Annapolis/Boat Canvas Washing Annapolis: Why do your sail washing and/or canvas washing in Annapolis?  Save fuel! We provide Sail Cleaning and Canvas Washing services right here in the Washington DC Metro area.  In the late fall and by pre-arrangement, we can also pickup your sail washing and/or boat canvas washing projects in Annapolis, MD.

Convenient D.C. Metro Location for all boaters in DC, Virginia, Annapolis, MD and the Chesapeake Bay Region.

Give us a call and let us take care of you washing needs, or better, fill out the reservation form below.


Fall / Winter Cleaning 2023-2024 – Make Your Reservations Now

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