Sun Shades

Sun shades are typically deployed when anchored as opposed to Dodgers & Biminis, which are deployed semi permanently.

They can be virtually any design, so long as they protect you from the sun. This can be as simple as an over-the-boom sunshade, using awning poles or even mop handles to help hold up the shade.  Some shades are much more unique, including shades that might have multiple angles  such as canvas covering the patio of a house.

A typical application for us is to sew a zipper on the sides and rear of Bimini tops and then fabricate screens that zip to the Bimini on one side and tie to the lifelines and stern rails on the other.

Screening Percentages

Typical Sun Screens shade percentages are 90% 0r 95%. We also have 80%. They come in various standard colors also.  For example, a 95% screen shades 95% of the sunlight, but you can still see through it enough so it is not a total blackout.

The fabrication technique is important to take the loads and stress from winds and rough handling.

Customers need to consider such things as mounting points and adaptable design to address the different sun angles.

We work with a variety of materials including Sunbrella, which is extremely durable and popular.  But we also work with Textilene,  Pyrotone or Stamoid, etc.

Construction of new sun shades and side curtains often starts with an on site measurement. We can also add shade screens to existing enclosures as a zip in!

Recent Projects we did. Hover over for details or click for larger image.


Some Other Ideas!