Canvas (pre-owned)

Here is our current inventory of pre-owned canvas, Chutescoops, tarps, etc. (1 May 2024).

All Pre-Owned Sails Prices Negotiable!

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M21-7002$250.00Bimini3 bow 3681 V3681TB Bimini (no Poles)
M21-7003$800.00Boat CoverBoat Cover Tan Top GunNew Never Used- Excellent
M21-7004$350.00Sail Boom CoverSail Cover; Sunbrella Sky Blue # 4654; Boom 9' Stack Height 2'; Mast Circum 14"New Never Used- Excellent
M21-7005$400.00Sail Boom CoverSail Cover; Sunbrella Sky Blue # 4654; Boom 18' Stack Height 4'; Mast Circum 28"; Needs Twist Logs InstalledNew Never Used- Excellent
M21-7006$450.00Sail Boom CoverSail Cover; Sunbrella Pacific Blue # 4601; Boom 15 5"; Stack Height 4'; Mast Circum 34"New Never Used- Excellent
M21-7007$100.00Genoa CoverRace Genoa Cover 23.5' Circum 68"Good
M21-7008$300.00Sail Boom CoverMain Sail Cover; Sunbrella Pacific Blue #4601 with Yellow White Stripe; Boom 12' Stack Height 4'; Mast Circum 24"; goodGood
M21-7009$150.00Spray GuardLife Line spray guard cloth with Grommets top and bottom; Blue # 4601; Len: 25' 8" Wid: 20"Good
M21-7010$250.00Pato CanopyPatio Canopy New, Vinyl; 9'10" 7' 6"New Never Used- Excellent
M21-7011$250.00BiminiBimini; 4 Bow; White Sunbrella; New Len 8' Width (Beam) 9' 6"Good++
M21-7012$25.00CoverAwning Pole Cover 6' x Circum 19"Good
M21-7013$450.00Sail Boom CoverSail Cover; Sunbrella Toast # 4628; 10'; Stack Height 3' 3"; Mast Circum 29"New Never Used- Excellent